Just a Little Hello

I suppose it is only proper for me to introduce myself. Hmm, where oh where to begin? For starters, I’m your typical college student. I wake up, attend class, do homework, go to work, and repeat. Currently, I am investigating the workings of the brain, well at least professionally (is being a student professional)? Naturally, I am crazy. Debatably insane really. In fact, I would argue I am completely insane and have come to enjoy my own unique flavoring of insanity.  I love the craziness that is me, though, admittedly, I could appreciate a bit of sanity from time to time.  Furthermore, I just so happen to love life with all its ups and downs (at least in retrospect). It is through this blog, that I would love to share my journey with you; to introduce you o the craziness that is me.


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