Everything I Have To Be Thankful For

Lately, I have been feeling both very disconnected and very much filled with compassion and love. As such I want to change my current psychology from a sense of lack and fear to a more complete feeling of being full. So full that there is no other choice other than to give my best self through meaningful connections to hose around me. As such,in this post I want to focus on what I do have as to my perceived lack of.

  1. I have a caring and loving family
  2. I have incredible friends whom I value and believe to be irreplaceable.
  3. My health. As far as I know I am as healthy as can be.
  4. There are many people whom I have countless opportunities to form new, meaningful connections.
  5. My life is filled with love.
  6. I have my beautiful little baby, Princess. 
  7. Everything that I have ever desired, ever craved for is ready for me whenever I choose to claim it. 
  8. Everything I need: a home, connection, access to clean water and nutritious food.
  9. Everything I ever crave for is within me.

While the list is currently very short, as time continues to pass by and life remains ever changing, I hope to return to this list, adding to it and reminding myself of all that I have during my moments of feeling lack, my moments of fear that I am some how not enough.


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