Reflections and Anticipations

It’s the start of a new year and for me the continuum of my journey. In 2014 I began a journey to begin to develop an in-depth understanding of the art of connection and understanding within an intimate relationship, though the lessons I am learning along the way have been remarkably beneficial to various areas of my life. In the last year I have attended an online seminar about shadow relationships, I’ve began to gain an understanding of the drastic differences in psychology between men and women; between the masculine and the feminine. To gain a deeply ingrained understanding of the energies around me, in my opinion, will only add to my experiences. I believe that as I continue my journey to understand these energies and the art of connection and communication, I will begin to experience myself and others differently.

When I first began my journey I believed that beginning to logically understand these energies would be enough. That I would never again be confused,stressed and distressed. However, as I have followed the flow of life and my own unique path, I have found that this is not necessarily the case. Rather, I have discovered that through my increased understanding of these energies and thus an increased understanding of myself. In better understanding myself, and in my opinion, rediscovering myself, I have been able to more genuinely connect and more authentically communicate with those around me. I further realized that for many years, I have always done what I was supposed to do instead of what I truly wanted to do. As such, I’ve felt dead and tired for many years. At some point I reached my breaking point (I believe the start of this was during my high school years). In ignoring and rejecting the many different parts of myself, I was crabby, bitchy, and seemingly always drained.

2014 I furthered my journey to understanding, discovery, and what I believe to be a level of rediscovery. In other words, I believe that I have discovered, at least the beginning, of what it means to me to be vulnerable (though I’m not real sure whether this a term that I came across a few years ago called high value vulnerability). For me at least, this journey has been worth everything that I’ve been through (including a messy break up and why I believe I have come to thank him for much of what I have experienced in the past year. I have learned valuable lessons that have only enhanced my experiences and the world around me. It is my hope that 2015 will bring with it more discoveries, opportunities, and experiences. In 2015 I hope to experience many new experiences being open and vulnerable each time. To retake a more intimate relationship with myself and as such share it with you and those around me.

Until next time much love!

Do you have any new years resolutions? Anything that you are hoping to discover in the upcoming year? Any memories and reflections you would like to share?

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